Saturday, August 4, 2012

Extreme Housekeeping.....

Going on the mission trip was wonderful.  And spending a day with Babygirl at an amusement park on the way down to Philly was awesome.  Spending four hours in one of the biggest malls in America the next day was impressive. 

But what is far from wonderful, impressive and awesome?  The overall condition of my house. 

Three weekends away means three weekends of not cleaning much.  Four weeks.  Even in my more slovenly days I would likely have managed to pick up a broom at least once during that time!  So today was catch-up day. 

I was up at 6:30 and started, as usual, with a laundry sorting party in the basement (Big Family joke:  If I sort laundry and have 6 loads, and I wash 9 of them, how many do I have left?").  Then I had a pill sorting party in the pantry.  Coffee and toast on the back porch after opening all the windows to drop the 80 wake-up temperature to a low of 78 (it's 88 now). 

I have a tendency to run out of steam and let myself get distracted, so I motivated by setting the stove timer for an hour - no stopping 'til it beeps!  I did this a total of seven times today, starting each new hour with a load of laundry, and finishing each with a 20 minute break for water, lunch, and/or time in the pool to cool off.  Hubby had his own stuff going on, so we met in the pool every hour LOL. I don't believe I've ever cleaned in my bathing suit before.

The house is MUCH better.  I still have the upstairs bath to clean, but I can catch that tomorrow morning. 

I have a question, though:  If we only have one dog, how did I manage to sweep up four of them?  I swear I have an entire trash bag FULL of dog hair.  I wonder if I could make yarn......?


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