Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to the Biopsy.....

We came to Philadelphia yesterday.  We were going to stop at Dorney Park on the way here, but by my estimate ALL of New Jersey was already there, so we passed on that one, figuring there'd be fewer people on the way home today.  We ended up visiting a farmer's market, walking a couple of miles and having gelatto.

This morning's appointment was a bit chaotic. There were a lot more kids in clinic than usual, and there was a lineup at the lab.  But when the results came in, they weren't too good.  Babygirl's creatinine is up to 1.4.  There was some discussion, but the general gist of it was that we could opt for admission for hydration today with a biopsy tomorrow if (when) the numbers don't improve, or come back later in the week if (when) the numbers don't improve.

They had a lovely graph (man, I had to think about that word, since 'graft' is the more likely choice here at CHOP LOL) of all her creatinine levels since her diagnosis. It was entertaining, in a way - a VERY high plateau with a huge cliff drop at transplant.  But the less entertaining part is the slow, steady (thankfully not too steep) rise since then. 

So we are here.  She is scheduled for a biopsy tomorrow, barring some miraculous improvement in her kidney function.  And by 'miraculous' I think we'd have to drop to 0.9 or less - numbers we haven't seen since before the rejection episode at the end of May.

The biopsy is of the new kidney, and is to determine whether she is rejecting again or if the kidney hates the anti-rejection meds.  Either way, we're going to be here at least through Wednesday.

On the humorous side?  Babygirl is complaining that the IV is making her need to pee.  Um, duh?  We have to keep reminding her that if she isn't peeing as often OFF the IV as ON it, she isn't drinking enough!


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  1. That poor girl. And poor you. Praying those numbers drop down and you can avoid biopsy.