Monday, August 27, 2012

Going to Church.....

There is a certain beauty in days when there is nothing to report.  Babygirl's ulcer is slowly responding to treatment, and there are no new ones so far.  She can eat more comfortably, and if we time the Oragel correctly, brushing her teeth is not a problem.

Yesterday was the kind of summer day that we all live for - deep blue sky, puffy white clouds, enough heat to make the pool enjoyable, and enough of a breeze to keep the heat from being oppressive.  Babygirl and I biked to church and back, and took a nice walk as well.

Biked to church, you say?  I admit it was not our first choice of transportation.  Church is about a mile and a half away, and we live in a fairly hilly town.  But at least twice a year we are trapped in our neighborhood by the excellent intentions of our neighbors.  We live a few blocks away from the city's largest park.  There are events there all summer long.  But the big bike/run event, and the breast cancer walk are enormous.  And the walks literally surround us.  There is absolutely not one single way out of our neighborhood for at least a couple of hours during these events.  Each is on Sunday morning and effect our ride to church.  For the bike race, we can't get out.  For the breast cancer walk, we can't get back IN.

Naturally I completely forgot about this event.  We got in the car, turned the corner, and sat.  It took a bit to make a K-turn because we weren't the only people in this pickle, and we went home and got the bikes.  It made us a few minutes late for church, but it was a lovely ride (in my opinion) or a terrible ordeal (Babygirl's perspective) depending on your point of view.  Since I was in capris and Babygirl was in a short skirt, I can understand why each of us had a rather different view.

Sunday was a good day LOL.


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