Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ulcer Update......

Oragel is the bomb.  Babygirl slept all night, no problem.  This morning I looked again, and things weren't any worse, for which I heartily thank God.  I had a mental worst-case scenario in my head that involved calculating the anticipated area of the ulcer based on its rate of doubling during the day yesterday (one to two to four millimeters over 12 hours?  Sixteen to two-hundred fifty-six.....? That would involve the ENTIRE inside of her cheek.  Yup.  Gotta shut down that imagination.). 

The original ulcer looked about the same.  There are two newer, smaller ones. And a couple more of the dark spots that tell me more are on the way.

The on-call nephrologist returned my call within three minutes, which is pretty impressive in my opinion.  I filled her in, told her we'd been warned about this possibility, and she agreed to call some triamcinalone (steroid) paste into our pharmacy.  Oh, oops! Don't do that - ours is closed on weekends!  We subbed in the local CVS (she looked it up online and faxed it from her computer, which is too cool). 

CVS at CHOP has my cell phone number and sends me a text when any of Babygirl's scripts are ready to be picked up there.  I found out today that not only did our current prescription information pass from Philly to here, so did that little trick.  I got a text telling me the paste was available for pick up as I was on my way there.

I confess, I did not know that triamcinalone came in a paste.  I applied it to the ulcers and asked Babygirl what it tasted like.  "It has no taste."  Really?  I put a smidgen of it on my tongue to taste it.  "But it feel REALLY wierd!"  Um, too late to tell me THAT.  I cant GET that stuff OFF of my tongue!  I guess I don't have to worry about it not sticking to the ulcers. 

You don't supposed they mix the triamcinalone with FixoDent, do you?   Ewwwww.....


P.S.  If they knew this could happen, why not just hand me a prescription for the paste to keep on hand just in case? 

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