Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week Sixty-seven - A Good Day......

People ask me multiple times daily how Babygirl is doing.  I'm always, always impressed by how caring people are.  But I've been so tightly wrapped up in the details of her life and labs that I know I've been over-answering this question for some time.  Like the hypochondriac who responds to a simple "How are you doing?" with an entire organ recital, I think I've been giving people more than they need to hear.

So lately, it's been more like this:  "How's Babygirl doing?"  "Today is a good day - she feels great."

It's the truth.  I follow the numbers like rich people follow the stock market, responding to each high and low as if my entire fortune depends on it.  But she doesn't.  She plays, reads, watches Monk and Glee, rides her bike, swims...and somehow manages to be perfectly happy without agonizing over the numbers.  From her perspective, since the dialysis is over and she has a new kidney, she feels GREAT.  Every single day, regardless of whether her creatinine is 0.8 or, like yesterday, 1.2.

Taking this tack is actually far less stressful.

Today is a good day.



  1. Sounds exactly like someone else I know and love! Me=numbers. He=feels fine.

    1. I think that those of us outside of the transplant experience have no other guide than the numbers. Our post-transplant loved ones can listen to their bodies and rejoice in how much better they feel (or in your hubby's case, in the fact that he's still alive!).