Monday, August 20, 2012


The new drug is Rapamune.  Babygirl's been on it for just under a week.  One week ago today her creatinine was 1.4.  Today it is 0.8, the lowest it's been since a couple of days after the transplant.  I'm thinking that Jorge's kidney was not liking the tacrolimus (which, as we have known all along, can cause kidney damage). 

That is GREAT news.  Less great, her neutrophil count is continuing to drop.  Still 'safe', but dropping.  Ah, well, that problem can be fixed, right?

Still waiting to hear about some other things like her cholesterol.  So far she hasn't noticed any problems, and she feels well, so...

It's a good day.  Okay, it's a GREAT day.


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