Friday, August 24, 2012


"Mom, my cheek hurts."

Uh-oh.  Watch out for oral ulcers, they said. 

"Hop up here and let me look."  Way back opposite her molars is a dark spot.  It looks just like any blood blister, about a millimeter across. 

"I think you bit your cheek."  Since she does this with roughly the regularity with which she trips over cracks in the sidewalk, I was relieved.  I went to work and forgot all about it. 

When I arrived home she complained again.  A second look revealed a small ulcer, about 2 mm across, with a small red rim.  The doctors told us to call 'right away' if we saw ulcers, but it's 6 PM on a Friday night, which is, of course, exactly when all medical disasters strike.  That, or 2 AM Saturday, which was Citygirl's preferred "I have an earache and a fever" time. 

"We'll get some Oragel for you when we go shopping tonight."

We went out for dinner.  Babygirl didn't do so well eating.  A search of Walmart revealed that Oragel and similar  products are hiding with the denture adhesives.  Thankfully, not too far away from the melatonin, which I've decided to try for an ongoing bout of insomnia.

By the time we got home the ulcer was about 4 mm across, with a significant red rim.  Oragel was very helpful, and she's resting comfortably now.  I'm hoping that my "wait until morning and see" philosophy doesn't end too badly.  Odds are good that my melatonin will knock me into a decent sleep just in time for her to decide she can't tolerate the pain in her cheek anymore LOL.



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