Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week Seventy-one - Summer Vacation......

I worked Monday,and took the rest of the week off. By "off" I mean that Tuesday I spent all morning doing paperwork to expedite Babygirl's ongoing battle for proof of citizenship. I also spent a great deal of that morning arranging paperwork for submission/resubmission of medical expenses, seeking  better coverage from our insurance or reimbursement from our flex spending account. Tuesday afternoon I went to our congressman's office, as noted in my last blog.

Wednesday?  Hmmm..... Pack for our trip to Philly:  A bag for me for the three days we are staying.  A bag with enough towels for five adults and two babies.  Snacks.  Shopping with Curlygirl for lunch items: Rolls, lunch meat, water bottles, mustard, mayo.  Pick everybody up.  Bank.  Car repair.  Fill the Goose (thanks for the gas discount, Nancy - dropped the price $1.90/gallon!).  We were on the road by 2 PM and in our home-away-from-home by 5:30.  Squeaker travels well.  Boo, not so much.

Today we left for the hospital at 6:45.  This will usually get us through rush hour ahead of the majority of the traffic with a typical arrival at 7:30.  Today it was nearly 8:30.  Lord alone only knows what happened on the road ahead of us to back us up so far, but, ugh.

The appointment itself was uneventful.  I realized I had been forgetting to give her the bicarbonate, but with the improvement in her kidney function it proved to be a non-issue, and it was officially discontinued.  Her creatinine is 0.8 (still!!!), her cholesterol isn't bad (although her triglycerides are a bit high.....less 'white food' and more whole grain), and everything overall looked pretty darned good.  Her weight is slowly dropping, also a good thing.  Come back in ten days.  It is AWESOME to get two consecutive good reports!

Everybody wanted the opportunity to visit the King of Prussia Mall, since Babygirl had been telling them about it, so I drove them out, came back to spend a bit of time with my sister-in-law before she headed for work.  I  was hoping to snag a nap, but the call came for the mall pick up, so off I went!  I'm making the kids make dinner and do clean-up, and I'm going to BED.

Tomorrow is our annual family trip to Dorney Park, and for a change my niece and nephew are able to go with us.  I learned, quite by accident, that the Friday before Labor Day seems to leave amusement parks fairly uninhabited, so we always go on that day.  I don't even need to ask for the day off anymore LOL.

So, tomorrow IS my summer vacation.  I'm going to sit in the water park and stay cool with the grandbabies, after I rent a double stroller for them so the kids can go be lunatics on the rides.

Today is a GREAT day!


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