Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy to be Tossed.....

Babygirl's creatinine is  1.1 this morning.  After admonishing her to DRINK MORE, they decided that biopsy is not needed, at least today. They are stopping her tacrolimus, and starting a new medicine (I'm a touch sleep deprived so even though we just discussed it, heck if I remember what it's called).  I'll be picking it up here at the in-hospital CVS in case our pharmacy has to order it.  She'll get a double dose today before we leave, and I have to re-sort all the pill sorters, again.

We have to be back next week, so Hubby will have to make that journey.  One of the side effects of the new medication is that it can screw up cholesterol levels, so they'll be checking that as well.

Every time I think I've figured out what cockamamie language the doctors here speak, I am wrong. But I'm glad to be wrong this time.

Dorney Park here we come!


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