Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer.....

It always amazes me how my view and Babygirl's differ regarding how she's doing and how she feels.  I look back at this summer and I think, "Man, this was easier than LAST summer."   

Last summer we were learning to deal with a chronically ill child.  Last summer we hit the ER for an episode of painful dehydration. Last summer our beach vacation was interrupted daily by appalling bad news and medical updates.  Last summer we watched Babygirl begin her ongoing, agonizing stint on dialysis.  Last summer we gave up sleep for a month. 

Yup, this was a better summer.

Now swing to Babygirl's perspective.  We didn't go to the beach.  She didn't go to church camp.  We spent horseback camp week in the hospital.  Her best friend was out of town for amusement park day.  She got to enjoy all of those things last summer, so she sees THIS summer as a bit of a drag.  Besides, if you've already been out of school for two months before vacation begins, what fun is being off MORE?

Yup, last summer was better.


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