Saturday, September 8, 2012


Our day here always gives us something to ponder, wonder or laugh at. I've been fortunate enough to have lived a life with travel, family, college and friends - to the extent that it seems I always have a story to tell!  A recent post at Single Dad Laughing ( discusses the fact that all of us who actually live our lives (as opposed to vicariously living through TV and video games!) will always run into a story.

I think that it IS about living, about being present in your own life.  To me, though, it is also about noticing that there is a story being told.  As Babygirl's Mom, I could truly become inured to the peculiarities of her mind and heart.  The enemy of the story is the underlying belief that nothing that we do is of any interest to anyone else.  The enemy of the story is coming to think that you or your kid are 'average' and 'uninteresting.'

I don't think I've ever met a person whose story wasn't amazing in some way.  But I think that we've become out of practice at telling stories.  We've lost the gift of HEARING stories.  We forget to truly listen for those belly-laughing, heart-wrenching, adrenal-squeezing stories that are truly, truly truly the most amazing parts of our everyday lives.

Every 'ordinary' life is full of stories.  I have told my children regularly that only unintelligent people are ever bored, but I think I got it wrong.  Only unimaginative people are ever bored.  And more to the point, whenever I think that what is happening inside my own mind is more important than what is going on with the people around me?  When I am at my most selfish?  Then I am most likely to fail to see all that is beautiful, holy, joyful and laughable in the world around me.

So today I will make a conscious effort to SEE.  To be where I am, to be with my family and loved ones. To hear the stories.  To rejoice in the storms, to cry with the grieving, to remember that each person I meet has something awesome to teach me if I'm willing to learn.

I want to come home with a new story.


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  1. I totally agree with you. My family sometimes cringe because every where I go someone tells me their story...and sometimes it's very personal. I think it's because I ask a lot of questions..(nothing nosy, just curious about who they are). What I have learned is people like to talk about themselves and "tell their story" You only have to express an interest in someone and they will open their book to you. People need to be heard, listened to, and tell their stories. In this age of instant communication, people aren;t really listening.