Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Always Good News/Bad News.....

This morning's counts are in.  Drum roll please.......

Good news first:

She has neutrophils!  I was sincerely hoping for an increase, and concerned about the possibility of a decrease.  I was especially NOT wanting the kind of decrease to say, 505, where technically she'd be over 500 and able to go to school, but low enough to utterly freak me out.  But the count is 1005, not technically normal, but a 25% improvement over last week.  It will take a couple more weeks of tests to prove this is a trend and not a fluke, but I'll take it.

And the bad news:

Her creatinine is 1.0.  It's not terrible, but it is higher than the last two weeks' reassuring 0.8.  Again, time will tell if this a trend or a blip, but I hate seeing UP on the creatinine almost as much as I hate seeing DOWN on the neutrophils. 

We've landed in the hospital for each of those problems. 

CHOP hasn't actually called yet.  I got the numbers from the local doc, bless him.


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