Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading the Labels.....

I can't say I accomplished much yesterday in terms of housework. But I did coax my mom out of her house and her funk by taking her for a much-needed pedicure.  She enjoyed the massage chair, which surprised me given that she doesn't really care for backrubs much.  We stopped for coffee, I sorted her pills and balanced her checkbook. 

I did better today.  After church, Babygirl and I went to work. She volunteered to clean the kitchen.  I didn't give her any special instructions about it, but as I went back and forth doing other jobs, I saw her working.  And working.  And working.  She emptied out cupboards, wiped them down and rearranged things neatly.  She disassembled the stove top and cleaned all the parts.  She loaded and unloaded and REloaded the dishwasher, swept the floor and mopped it.  Oh, yeah, and she cleaned the refrigerator.

I'd have been satisfied with clean counter tops and floors.  I was stunned by the degree of initiative she took.

I did the living room, dining room and bathroom with a bit of miscellaneous tidying elsewhere.  I also caught up on the laundry 

Babygirl has quite a few new clothes. And I make it a habit to check and follow the instructions on the labels of all new clothes to make sure I don't accidentally destroy something.  She loves skinny jeans, and even managed to find a pair that are reversible - hounds tooth check on one side, denim on the other. 

Now for those of you (us!) who do not wear skinny jeans, I have to tell you that it is impossible to take a pair off without turning them completely inside out in the process, so they come down the laundry chute inside out.  Since all their labels say that they should be washed inside out (why, I have no idea), that works out okay. 

But would someone please explain to me how you wash a pair of reversible pants "inside out"?



  1. very carefully silly girl

  2. That's a good question...good idea to reverse them. Wouldn;t work for me, I would be looking all over for my black jeans forgetting the houndstooth were really the inside of the black ones.