Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week Seventy-four - Well Enough to Be Sick.....

This week's lack of posts isn't because I have nothing to talk about.  There are TONS of things going on that would make good stories:

My mom, after numerous phone calls to me (on such varied subjects as needing a cat groomer, needing a phone book, and needing faster responses to her messages) and my brother, woke him up at 1 AM because she needed assistance - with opening a can of sardines.

My office is surviving a transition in leadership.  LAS - we'd miss you but we know you aren't going far!  And A - good luck.  You'll get used to the insanity.

Babygirl has signed up to return to the swim team after a nearly three year hiatus.  We're hoping the school doc agrees that it's a GREAT idea.

My niece, after a scheduling glitch that postponed her C-section by 24 hours, was safely delivered of an absolutely BEAUTIFUL little girl. 

But it's too exhausting to think about it.  We've all been hit by a cold. 

"Hit" may be a touch of an understatement.  This thing grabbed us by the throats, rammed snot up our noses and then threw us out into bus traffic.  We are all achy, sneezy, wheezy and dopey.  And how, I might ask, did this cold manage to strike Citygirl when she lives four hours away??  She called while on her way, and croaked, "Is it safe for me to come home?  I have a cold."

Well, aside from the fact that we may end up trading germs and surviving two completely DIFFERENT colds, yeah, it's safe.  With Babygirl's neutrophil count over 1000, we're safe. 

And that, despite how crappy we feel, is completely awesome.


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