Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Seventy-two - First Day Of School.....

The first week of school is always a bit hectic.  In the office, there is a sudden rush of school physicals.  New state rules bring a flurry of impatient calls from moms whose kindergarteners and sixth graders need vaccines to even get in on the first day.  The fact that these kids aren't up-to-date appears to be MY fault despite the fact that those vaccines WOULD have been given if mom had made/showed up for the child's most recent physical appointment! And for those who did have physicals done, the moms need that translated onto a school form - a different form for each local school (a process which is getting better since our state recently issued a standardized form!).

Clothes.  Shoes.  Supplies according to the published list. Lunches. Pony tail holders.  New earrings (moustaches to go with the ongoing Paris theme).  Shop for more supplies based on the TEACHERS' lists.

So last night we went out to brave the crowds of parents and kids who are all in the same boat we are.  We had dinner at 5 Guys, a special treat usually reserved for the 5 Guys restaurant at the beach.  And as always, we discussed how our day went.

Babygirl went on at excited length about her new teachers, her new classrooms, and her friends.  But talking to Babygirl requires careful listening, and occasional mental translation, since she apparently learned to speak English at the feet of Miss Malaprop:

"MOM!  There's a new teacher! No! He's an aide.  And he wears SPANDEX to school!" 

Well.  This is, indeed, news.  Hubby and I pause, each of us with mental pictures of a male teachers' aide in Spandex.  He either looks REALLY good or VERY bad, and either way, it seems....inappropriate. Especially for a middle school. Um....."Spandex?  On the bottom or on top?"  I mean, a Spandex shirt wouldn't be quite as bad, right?  Either way, I might be calling the school.

Puzzled silence.  "Well, they're on top mostly....." 

Thoughtful mental translation.  "Do you mean suspenders?" 

Of course she did.  Black suspenders.  She'll keep us updated if the color changes.

Oh.  My.  My sides hurt and I have cramps in my cheeks.  I LOVE being a mom!


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