Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yesterday's Results......

Yesterday's visit with the doctor was same old/same old.  Blood work. Breakfast.  Weight (stable) height (unchanging) vital signs (acceptable).  Dr. A came in and went over what we have available at the time of the visit:

Bone age (determined from an x-ray of her hand from last week, a couple of days after she turned 13) is 15, two years ahead of what it should be.  Since we really do know her actual birthday, and there isn't much doubt that she was 23 months old or LESS when we got her (based not only on her stated birthday but on her size and developmental characteristics), it's interesting to see an x-ray imply that she is aging faster than expected.  We discussed it, but the conclusion is that whether or not it is something to worry about, the bottom line is that it can't be changed.  Babygirl is, therefore, more or less done growing.  That means that she, the only one of my kids who might have actually exceeded my 5' 9", is going to finish up being 5' 2", or 3" if she's lucky.  Kidney disease stinks.

Cholesterol is high, but they still haven't gotten the lipid results from April of 2011 that our doc did the day her original diagnosis was made.  I know it was done, but I'm sure I never even thought about asking for those results.  The kidney failure was the only thing we focused on.

Creatinine is 0.8 for the third time in a row.  The kidney likes Rapamune.  And so do we.  A couple of mouth ulcers?  No biggie.

Neutrophil count is down to about 750.  Ulp. It may be from the mycophenylate, but if they cut the dose more she'll probably reject again.  Okay for school.  Watch for fever.  Avoid sick people (um, okay, sweetie - run like hell if somebody at school sneezes or barfs on you!). Repeat locally next week and the 'team' will discuss whether or not Neupogen is a good idea.

See you in two weeks.  Or sooner, depending.

She feels great, so it's a good day?


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