Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Crash.....

Oh, not to worry - it was a soft landing, directly onto a memory foam mattress. 

I was wound up tighter that a clock all day yesterday.  I got a lot done.  Huge thanks are due to Babygirl for suggesting that today's contribution to the pot luck lunch at church could be banana bread!  What an eye for using up what you have on hand!  (Nancy, I made one with no nuts for you!) 

I ran errands.  I made Curlygirl's birthday cake (still need to frost it and pick up ice cream).  Finished cleaning (the catbox is DONE).  Played a couple of games of Dominion with Hubby.  Went online and caught up all my Words With Friends games.

And at 9:30, every ounce of alertness just drained right out of my body. 

I usually read for at least a half an hour before I can fall asleep.  I was out on the first paragraph, and didn't wake once until my morning text message reminder.


It's nice to look forward to a day with family and church friends with no more to do than prepare a simple meal.  Curlygirl always wants goulash for her birthday.  And I like put together a 3 layer cake, so it's all good.


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