Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Sense of Smell......

Three days ago Babygirl and I went out the door for some errand and she stopped dead, sniffed the air and said, "What's that smell?"  I paused, sniffed, and pondered.....

"It smells like snow!" 

Babygirl and I spent some time inhaling that crisp, elusive, impossible to describe aroma before returning to more prosaic pursuits.  And since then, I've spent some time focusing on the gift of smell.

Oh, we all know that sometimes we wish we couldn't smell so well!  Any dad changing a toddler would happily give up his sense of smell for an hour.  Sometimes I'd pay money not to be able to smell my dog, and I have no idea on this earth how plumbers survive their daily dose of EWWW.

But the good smells so outweigh those moments.

Autumn leaves.  Campfires.  Lilacs.  Baking bread.  Crayons.  Freshly cleaned floors.  Apple pie.  New babies.  Puppy breath. Roasting turkey.  Your lover's skin.  Basil.  Freshly turned earth.  Christmas trees.   Home.

The sense of smell is linked to primitive memory centers in the brain, which is why any one scent can make us pause, smile, cry, or ponder more than any single sight or sound. 

So today I'm grateful for my sense of smell, and all the happy thoughts and memories it triggers.


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