Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanks For The Job....

I once bought a mug for an office White Elephant party (yeah, I know - buying is verboten but this was so PERFECT).  It said, "Thank you, God, for my great job and my wonderful co-workers...."  It dripped ninja-level sarcasm without actually being overtly offensive.  Perfect. 

My office is, well, unorthodox.  We care for the poor, uninsured, underinsured, and desperate.  We hear sad stories all day, and somehow the hallways still echo with laughter.  We take our work very seriously.  Ourselves? Not so much.  We throw insults, ignore tantrums, tell jokes and funny stories.  Nothing is sacred.  Everything, however tragic, has a funny side.

I am entirely grateful for my work, and without an ounce of sarcasm I can say I am incredibly grateful for my co-workers.  The go the extra mile in everything they do.  They lift up the broken-hearted, support the needy, and compassionately reach out to the lonely, the misfits, the poor and the misunderstood. Almost no one ever leaves our office without having sincerely laughed.  Yesterday I even made a patient laugh out loud about not being able to afford her own funeral.

When I first found out Babygirl was ill, patients and staff alike surrounded me with love and support, never once complaining about the extra work that fell to them because of my need to be with her.  My life would be so much poorer if not for my co-workers - my friends.


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