Thursday, November 14, 2013

Year Three, Week Thirty-four - Thankful for CHOP....

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia is the number-one-ranked children's hospital in the U.S.  While we wait for our visits we can admire the "Best Doctor in America" awards given specifically to most of the doctors we see.  The hospital is designed for kids - radio station, play rooms, Child Life specialists, video games, movies, library.  It is designed to make it easier on the parents as well - a reasonably comfortable daybed in each room, a computer desk, WiFi.

I've lost track of how many times, how many days, how many horrible nights we've spent there.  I recognize, however, how much more horrible they could have been.  Our one experience with a different children's hospital taught us far too much about that. 

So, although I cannot be grateful that Babygirl has been ill, I CAN be grateful for the staff at CHOP.  I can give sincere thanks that there are so very many people dedicated to the health and well-being of my child.  I can give unending gratitude to God for the fact that it is close enough for us to go there. 

When we 'age out' of our nephrology clinic it will be a VERY sad thing.


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