Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Only Once a Week....

Dang.  I was determined to put up a post a day for a full month, and was managing fine until yesterday.  Monday, Monday - can't trust that day.

I didn't post in the morning.  I had my work computer at home and was determined to knock off as many "tasks" as I could.  Each task takes a measurable amount of time, and getting rid of a couple dozen prescription refills before you hit the door of the office simply means you start the day less, well, behind (because there is no 'ahead' with medical records - not even when we were on paper). 

The day went well enough.  I wasn't overbooked and a couple of kind folks did me the service of not showing up (just so you know, not showing up for your doctor's appointment without calling to cancel is rude.  I'll either be pissed or grateful depending on the sort of day I'm having LOL).  We found new ways to help each other out - the prescription line has been eliminated for a week to see if that improves flow for the nurses, and we've explored some other ways to short-cut refills that allows me to actually use my time seeing and talking to patients.

Despite system improvements, I was exhausted when I got home.  My 54-hour-long migraine culminated in a night of no sleep.  I crashed.

My gratitude for yesterday?  We only get one Monday a week.  I can do anything for one day, so thanks be to God that we only have to do one Monday at a time.


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