Sunday, November 10, 2013


This weekend's ever-growing story about Typhoon Haiyan and the destruction it has wrought in the Philippines  has been in my heart.

We've had enough severe storms and flooding locally to make all of us empathetic.  It represents a massive loss of life and property, and damage to cropland almost guarantees a year of food shortages for the survivors. 

But sometimes it helps if we have a personal connection, a specific reason to pray for or contribute to a disaster.  We have three big reasons to be concerned.

All of our Compassion-sponsored children are in the Philippines.  I have no idea yet whether they and their families are safe, displaced or even dead.  At least one of my girls lives within sight of the ocean, a very risky proposition at this time, indeed.  One of my girls is raising a baby alone with no financial breathing room.  Since we are not given the specific location of any of our kids, we are in the dark, mostly.  The Compassion website ( is keeping sponsors updated as information becomes available.

So in your prayers this week, include Dinah, Kristine Jude and Grethel Joy and their families.  I'd appreciate it.  And say a big "Thanks" for your own and your family's safety.


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