Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last But Not Least.....

Friends.  Who isn't thankful for them?

I have the very best friends.  Over the past two and a half years I've really seen exactly what kind of friends I have!  The friend who braved knee-deep rain to bring Babygirl her first prayer shawl. The church friends who supported us financially, emotionally and spiritually.  The work friends who covered all my missing shifts at less than a moment's notice.  The neighbor friends who fed us and walked our dog.  The family friends who've sheltered us over and over.  The friends of friends who've fed us, prayed for us, and supported our family through the stress we brought them.  The friends who went and got tested to see if they could give Babygirl one of their kidneys. 

Our friends have never given us the appearance that they were tired of hearing us go on and on and ON about the stress in our lives.  They just hung in there and held our hands, wiped our tears, brought us drinks, made us laugh and LISTENED. 

The heart and soul of all of this was Babygirl.  She wouldn't really believe it, but people really, really love her.  She's sweet, she's funny, she's loving and she is the kindest soul I know.  Every single old lady in our church asks me about her every time I seen them.  Everyone there has watched her grow from a pale, tiny toddler through her clumsy 'tween years to a beautiful teen.  Her teachers love her.  I would guess that 80% of the support we get is because she is who she is.

Gratitude is an interesting thing.  The more you give thanks, the more you realize that you have EVERYTHING to be thankful for.  I owe thanks to more people than I can possible ever say. 


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