Monday, November 4, 2013

Year Three, Week 31 - The Art of Gratitude.....

Folks on Facebook are doing it again:  Daily November reminders of what we are most thankful for. 

I've joined in, and I'm going to try my hardest to post those things I'm grateful for.  But I'm warning you in advance:  I'm grateful for some pretty surprisingly odd things.  Here's the list thus far....

1) I am grateful for the good roads that make long trips so easy here.
2) I am thankful for the color of Larch trees in the fall.
3) I am thankful for my Pastor and her thoughtful sermons and gentle kindness.
4)  I'm incredibly thankful for the furnace on this first truly cold morning!

Most of you have never lived anywhere but the U.S.  Many of you have, however, been to places even in the U.S. that were difficult to navigate.  Twisty.  Potholed.  Dirt.  Narrow.

I've been to places where the BEST roads meet that definition.  Where getting a child to a doctor, ANY doctor, let alone a specialist, is the work of days, not hours.  So while I'm zipping along at 72 mph, I often reflect on the fact that despite our hours on the road, we are blessed, very blessed, to have roads this good.  It is unthinkable to me that Babygirl could have died already for lack of a decent highway system.

The other three are self explanatory, I think.  But you'll hear more about gratitude for indoor luxuries later.


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