Monday, November 11, 2013

Being Full.....

The kidney failure diet is terrible (  The dialysis diet is worse.  One of the hardest realities of those early days was realizing that my child was going hungry to follow the demands of those diets.  Her hunger and our inability to find food she both could and WOULD eat was one of the very frightening aspects of dealing with Babygirl's kidney failure.  It was horrible to me that in a home with cupboards and refrigerator full of food that anyone could go hungry.

Our world today is the same.  There is food enough and still people go without. 

I am supremely grateful that I've always had enough to eat.  I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness that we figured out how to take care of Babygirl's needs.  I'm grateful enough to challenge myself this month.

We won't eat out for the rest of the month.  I'm not buying coffee on the way to work.  I'm not going to the store for ice cream on a whim.  Instead, I'm going to use that part of my budget to fill bags for our church's food pantry.  I'm going to supply food for our office Thanksgiving baskets.  I'm going to look for extra ways to fill in some of the gaps for my neighbors. 

And I'm going to really mean it when I say grace.


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